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NoirUnited International focuses on rethinking development approaches to address the root causes of systemic challenges that Black and other marginalized communities face globally through research, advocacy, and collaboration. 

NoirUnited International (NUI) is an international NGO focused on centering Black and other marginalized people in creating development solutions for their communities. NoirUnited provides community-based development interventions to address social, economic, and political challenges primarily in African descent communities across the globe. 

NoirUnited International (NUI) aims to increase equity within the humanitarian and development sectors and ensure greater inclusion of Black and other marginalized communities in determining what projects and interventions work best for their communities.

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Given the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, marginalized communities, including African students and families, have been disproportionately affected by the situation. Reports indicate that they have faced discrimination. NoirUnited International is dedicated to addressing these issues by advocating for the rights and needs of Black people affected by the crisis. NUI is working to raise awareness about the situation and provide humanitarian assistance to Africans and TCNs who have been stranded in Ukraine or have evacuated to neighboring countries. By providing aid and support to these marginalized communities, NoirUnited International aims to promote humanitarian equity and ensure that all individuals affected by the crisis have equal access to the resources they need to rebuild their lives.


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NoirUnited believes that qualitative and quantitative research should be the driving force to finding comprehensive solutions within the field of development. By conducting research, NoirUnited will identify issue areas to advocate for key policies, resource allocation, and support for those in need.


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