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Image by Nsey Benajah



NoirUnited believes that qualitative and quantitative research should be the driving force to finding comprehensive solutions within the field of development. By conducting research, NoirUnited will identify issue areas to advocate for key policies, resource allocation, and support for those in need. With our research, we will design socioeconomic policies geared toward promoting growth and capacity building in Black communities globally.


Through a combination of data collection, analysis and storytelling, NoirUnited will ensure that the stories and needs of the Black diaspora are told from the Black perspective and experience.


Given the current conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and its impact on Black communities facing racism, segregation, and abuse NoirUnited International has advocated, raised funds and provided humanitarian assistance to Black people who were stranded in Ukraine and those who had evacuated to neighboring countries with limited support. Our team worked on the ground in Europe to assist refugees in need.

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