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NoirUnited International
Voices of Survival Docuseries 

NoirUnited is proud to announce its first docuseries, "Voices of Survival: Untold Stories of Africans in Ukraine." After two years of responding to the crisis in Ukraine, we have compiled a six-episode series covering the stories of students whose education was disrupted by the war. It explores the impact on women, mental health, advocacy efforts, and more. We are honored to share this docuseries with you, offering a glimpse into the realities faced by the students we have supported throughout our response.

Voices of Survival Docuseries Preview


Dreams Across Borders: Navigating Education in Ukraine

This episode focuses on African students' educational journey to Ukraine. It delves into the challenges they faced in pursuing their degrees, the process of reaching Ukraine, and their experiences of living and studying in the country.


Unbreakable Resilience: Women's Journeys of Survival and Empowerment

In this episode, we spotlight the remarkable stories of African women who faced extraordinary challenges fleeing the war in Ukraine.


Mental Well-being in the Face of Racism

In this episode, we explore the mental health challenges faced by African students displaced by the war in Ukraine. From the chaos of evacuation to the struggle for basic needs and dignity, the intersection of race and ethnicity profoundly impacted their well-being. 


Voices Amplified: Advocacy, Demonstrations, and the Power of Unity

In this episode, we focus on the advocacy efforts of African refugees from the Ukraine war, highlighting their fight for equal rights amidst widespread discrimination. Despite facing treatment as second-class refugees in Germany, these individuals have organized demonstrations and programs to address the inequities. 


Beyond Uncertainty: Access to Education in the US

In this episode, we share the stories of African students who journeyed to Ukraine for higher education, only to have their studies disrupted by war.


Humanitarian Equity: Uniting For Africans in Ukraine

This episode provides insight from co-founders Nassim Ashford and Macire Aribot into NoirUnited's Response to the war in Ukraine and their experiences supporting African students. The episode also emphasizes the importance of humanitarian equity.

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