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 Given Ukraine's ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis, marginalized communities, including African students and families, have been disproportionately affected by the situation; many have faced discrimination and a lack of access to humanitarian resources.  NoirUnited International is raising awareness about the situation and providing humanitarian assistance to Africans and TCNs who have been stranded in Ukraine or have evacuated to neighboring countries. By providing aid and support to these marginalized communities, NoirUnited International aims to promote humanitarian equity and ensure that all individuals affected by the crisis have equal access to the resources they need to rebuild their lives.

We believe that people should be united in rallying around issues concerning Black and other marginalized communities around the world and empower those affected by the crisis.

Resources For Students

NoirUnited Voices of Survival Docuseries 

NoirUnited is proud to announce its first docuseries, "Voices of Survival: Untold Stories of Africans in Ukraine." After two years of responding to the crisis in Ukraine, we have compiled a six-episode series covering the stories of students whose education was disrupted by the war. It explores the impact on women, mental health, advocacy efforts, and more. We are honored to share this docuseries with you, offering a glimpse into the realities faced by the students we have supported throughout our response.

NoirUnited Strategic Objectives for Refugees Fleeing Ukraine

Our goal is to garner as much support for Black and other marginalized communities during this time of crisis. We plan to continue raising awareness of the issue of discrimination that Black people have faced in Ukraine and neighboring countries. We are looking to collaborate with the global community to ensure that all people affected by this war receive equal access to humanitarian support.


Our priorities include:

  • Building strategic relationships with universities in the United States to establish similar education programs for displaced students and assist with securing student visas.

  • Advocating for equitable distribution of Humanitarian Aid to provide shelter, culturally relevant foods to Black families, and support for mothers with young children in need.

  • Securing mental health specialists and doctors as many Black refugees need proper mental and physical health support.


Our Programs

1. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

Recognizing that racial discrimination and the trauma of war trauma has disproportionately affected Black refugees, NUI sources culturally responsive mental health professionals for both online and in-person therapy sessions for those in need. We have also utilized non-traditional forms of therapy, such as community healing spaces and art therapy.

2. Direct Cash Assistance

NUI believes in the power of agency and ensuring that Black refugees are able to make individual choices based on personal needs. Using direct cash payments will allow refugees immediate access to monetary funds to select items and pay for things they need most.

3. Closing the Technology Gap

Black refugee students face a technology shortage that severely limits their ability to complete their education. Virtual schooling has become the alternative to in-person schooling in Ukraine. However, there are disparities in access to computer technology. NUI seeks to address this technology gap by partnering with organizations to provide students with new, used, or refurbished computers and laptops to adequately complete their education online. In addition to computers and laptops, many refugees are in need of items such as cell phones and tablets to remain connected to the broader community, access information that will be useful to their survival in neighboring countries, and communicate their needs with community members.

4. Educational Support

NUI Visions Scholarship is a unique opportunity for African refugees from Ukraine to continue their education and achieve their full potential. NoirUnited International is proud to partner with the Open Society Foundation on this initiative and grateful for their generous support. The scholarship is open to all African refugees from Ukraine who are committed to furthering their education. We believe education is the key to unlocking one's potential and are dedicated to providing support and opportunities for those who have faced adversity.

NoirUnited In Europe

NoirUnited France


Meeting with a group of students from Kherson, Ukraine in Paris, France. With the assistance of local and international partners, we were able to help 41 students escape by coordinating taxis, providing language translators and monetary funds.    

Later in Paris Macire and Nassim played with kids while working with the French Red Cross to provide housing assistance for their family. 

NoirUnited Poland


In Krakow, Poland the team met with more students from Kherson, Ukraine, and others who were staying at a monastery. During the day, we were able to buy students clothes and talk to them about options for continuing their education. 

NoirUnited Germany


Macire and Nassim went to the Guinean Embassy in Berlin, Germany and was able to speak directly with the Minister-Counselor, Mr. Aboubacar Konate who commended them for NoirUnited’s work and the students for their courage during this difficult time.

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