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DeKalb grads help African students escape Ukraine amid war with Russia

March 25, 2022

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - DeKalb County natives say they want to be on the ground helping those flee the war in Ukraine.

They say their focus is on those of African Descent who have been treated unfairly.

Two grad students, one attending Yale and the other Columbia, say many people of color left homes in Africa to go to school in Ukraine because it’s affordable.

"If I was a student in another country I would want people to come and help me and assist me," Nassim Ashford said.

Atlanta-based organization helps Black refugees escape war in Ukraine

March 31, 2022


"ATLANTA — The Russia-Ukraine war continues and more than four million Ukrainians have fled the country. One Atlanta-based non-profit, NoirUnited International, is working towards making sure Black refugees receive humanitarian aid and the resources needed to leave the country.

NoriUnited International was launched in 2020, after the George Floyd protest and Black Lives Matter movement, by five friends. They decided to come together to support the Black community and are now using their organization to support in Europe. "

YSPH student raised $125,000 to help Black students in Ukraine

April 6, 2022


"NoirUnited International, an organization founded by Yale School of Public Health student Nassim Ashford SPH ’23, joined forces with the Global Black Coalition to raise $125,000 and advocate for humanitarian corridors for minority students in Ukraine.

Among the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Ukraine, some Black students claimed to face discrimination when trying to cross the borders into neighboring countries. Ashford joined forces with the co-founder of NoirUnited International Macire Aribot, a first-year master’s student at Columbia University studying international affairs,"

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September 8, 2020

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August 12, 2020


"Today we’d like to introduce you to Macire Aribot, Nassim Ashford and Fatoumata Fofana.

Our journey began as friends in high school, where we attended Arabia Mountain High School in Lithonia, GA. Through the years, our friendship has been based on the yearning need to uplift our community and improve the lives of our community members. "

June 16, 2020


"...Today, local Black-owned businesses are attempting to recoup from COVID-19 and recent protests. Georgia State senior Fatoumata Fofana and Mercer alumni Macire Aribot and Nassim Ashford banded together to create a GoFundMe for Atlanta’s Black-owned businesses, reaching halfway to their goal of $10,000 in just a week...."

June 23, 2020


"...Panthers Den has received support from a local student-run non-profit organization, NoirUnited, to help them get back on their feet. Started by Georgia State senior Fatoumata Fofana and Mercer alumni Macire Aribot and Nassim Ashford, NoirUnited aims to provide funding for Black-owned businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 and damaged from the protests..."

June 15, 2020


"...Through their new nonprofit, NoirUnited International, Macire Aribot, Nassim Ashford, and Fatoumata Fofana launched a GoFundMe campaign to help five small black owned businesses in metro Atlanta. They set a goal of $10,000 and as of Monday morning, were already more than halfway there with $5,600...."